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Probably you use google and other search engines by introducing a query or typing a question hoping Google to provide a website that will answer that question for you. Search engine optimization consist in putting your website in front of your audience by providing valuable information to their queries.

But there is much more than that, and choosing the correct SEO services company for your website will help you increase your bottom line. As search engines are constantly changing the items they examine when determining whether or not your site is “relevant” to what a user have searched.

There are 5 elements to work on your SEO campaign:

1. Keywords:

Are the keywords you are targeting the ones your audience is using when searching for your products or services?

2. On-site optimizations:

Does your website has its technical factors (URL, Title, etc.) aligned with your audience searches.

3. Website Content:

Is your content answering your clients searches?

4. Link building:

Building your site’s authority needs links from other websites in order for a Search Engine to be aware your website is to be trusted.

5. Local search optimization:

Ensuring your business listings’ consistency across the web has a major impact on local search rankings.

Our strategy is based in building a long term authority for your website which will reflect a better ranking in search engine results.

At Placetribe we will improve your online results by building an appropriate online marketing strategy, implement a correct keyword target and create valuable content for your audience.

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