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Where does your website visits come from?

Ok, so you have your website up and running. It probably looks great and has all the features and pages you love. I’m sure you login every day into Google Analytics and check how many sessions (visits) your website had the previous day. If you don’t, let me tell you, you should.

Now you are inside Google Analytics and everything looks fine. A good number of people visited your website the previous day and you are very happy this number keeps increasing.

But, where does your website visits come from?? I’m not talking yet if it’s the right audience, even before that, are they are HUMANS???

Yes, you heard me well, are the visitors to your website humans?

What you are probably not aware is that there are plenty of robots that may be visiting your site, and those my friends are not here to buy from you, more probably they are trying to harm your site. No wonder why you haven’t received as many enquires as you think you should

We cannot avoid those robots from visiting your website, but we can remove them from the reports. How do we do this?

Let’s start by analyzing what kind of traffic is your website receiving. Log into Google Analytics; now choose “Acquisition” from the left side menu. Click “All Traffic” and finally “Channels”.

What you are looking at are the Channels that are sending traffic to your website. For example Organic (search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo), Direct (people who has enter your URL directly into the browser), Paid (if you have any active Adwords campaign), Social (from social networks) and Referral. This is the one we are looking for. The referral traffic is the traffic sent by another website, through a link to your website. But if you haven’t done any link building campaign or you are not a persona or company who does much PR, probably there should not be much traffic here. Although it is important to get links to your website, but that is something we will cover on another post. The point here is that you are probably seeing lots of traffic from referral and there should not be many.

Now click on referral. Do you see any links like these ones?






Let’s fix this.

On the top of your Google Analytics page, click Admin. Now on the View column click Filters.

Create a New Filter. Create a name (any, it doesn’t really matter, try though that make sense for when you check them in the future). ON Filter Type, click Custom and choose Referral from the Filter Field Box. Choose referral, paste one of those ugly links into the empty box and save (Save button is down below). Voila, you are now excluding this information on your Google Analytics reports so you can see valuable data from now on.

Be aware that past information won’t be deleted. These changes will take place from that day on.

Good luck with this changes and say goodbye to those robots from us.

Now, what I recommend is not only get the first glance of the visitors you had the previous day. Go to Acquisition, All Traffic and Channels and see which channel is sending you traffic. And see if your SEO and Online Marketing efforts are reflected on the channels that bring you traffic.

Well, let me know your thoughts and we will see you on another AndesRank. I hope this was usefull.


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